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I am so glad that you have landed on my blog. As you might have guessed I am Nikole.

Just wrapped up my college career from the Rochester Institute of Technology where I studied journalism and graduated with honors. While studying-- my love and passion for beauty and fashion grew when I was required to start my own blog for one of my classes which ended up being www.collegebeautybynik.tumblr.com (if you wanted to check some of my older posts out). I soon realized that blogging for the class (about topics I am passionate about) did not feel like homework at-all...it was just something I wanted to be doing!

After the class finished, beauty and fashion blogging turned into something I just could not let go. I soon landed an internship as an editorial intern at www.lovelyish.com blogging about beauty and fashion, which was amazing. The internship lasted from January 2014-April 2014, and I was asked to stay on as a contributing writer once it ended (I was thrilled!).

I have also been asked to join the website www.makeoverly.com as a beauty expert/contributing writer, so be sure to check out content from me on there as well! 

Besides blogging I am an avid magazine collector/hoarder, love going for walks and have a slight shopping addiction (I like to view it as helping the economy).

Long  time lover of sports, food (and by food I mean donuts) and kittens. 

I hope you find something on this blog that interests you and I can help you with anything beauty/fashion related!

Nice to meet you!
xoxo, Nikole


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