Get Ready With Me: Dewy Glowing Foundation Routine For Dry Skin

I struggle with dry skin year-round, however in the winter time it's at the ultimate dry peak! Finding new products to keep my skin dewy and glowing is always my goal, and now I feel like I have a bunch of products that I am loving for that! This is how I have been doing my foundation routine lately and I thought I would share.

Products used:

My top tips for dry skin:

  • Start off by lathering on moisturizer and then adding a primer right away to lock all that moisture in.

  • Picking a foundation can be difficult, but the first step in finding one you really love is knowing your skin type. If you have dry skin like me other options you might love are...

  • Apply foundation with either a stippling brush or a Beauty Blender. These methods allow for even application but don't cake it on. 

  • Using a beauty oil (like I show above in the video) allows for a smoother, dewy finish! The Fresh Seaberry Skin Booster is perfect for this because it is created to mix with other products! 

  • Applying powder with a damp Beauty Blender allows for the products to melt into your skin, rather than sit on top of it. 

  • To make sure your highlight looks glowing not chalky, spritz your brush with Fix Plus or finishing spray first.

  • Top it off with a finishing spray to take away any excess product and melt the products together! 

What products are you currently loving for your foundation routine?!
xoxo, Nikole


  1. There are some really handy and helpful tips here. I've also watched your tutorial.that video is so sympathetic and cooperative.Thanks for sharing this post.keep posting these tips



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