Review: Sigma Beauty Dry' N Shape Towers

Sigma Beauty continues to change the game when it comes to brush care and cleaning. From their Spa cleaning gloves and mats to their extraordinary brushes, Sigma is definitely a makeup lover's-tool dream land

They just launched their Dry' N Shape Towers and I have been putting them to the test over the past couple weeks. 

The Dry' N Shape Towers come in 3 options:

1. Eyes $39.00
2. Face & Eyes $49.00
3. Full Set $69.00

The Full Set option is basically just a bundle of the Eyes and Face & Eyes options, so essentially you are saving $20 by going with the Full Set! 

The Dry' N Shape Towers claim to: "completely dry and shape your most dense face and eyes brushes faster than ever before..."

Assembling the product: 
This tool is extremely easy to put together. It comes with instructions but even without looking at them it is pretty simple to figure out! It also is very easy to take apart and store in the boxes they are sent in for storage purposes or even traveling. 

Each set is assembled the same way, and if you'd like to put them together to make the Full Set you just take off the top piece of the Face & Eyes option and put the Eyes Tower on top! 

Using the product:
I started off by washing my brushes with my Spa Express Glove (an absolute favorite and use all the time!) 

Once I was finished cleaning all of my brushes I started applying them into the towers. I left my towers both separate...I did not stack them. At first I wasn't sure which way to put them in but I soon realized you start with the end of the brush (not the bristles part) and stick that through the fabric part first, then it easily slides all the way through. 

I did not use all Sigma Brushes. I also used MAC, Real Techniques, Sephora and Morphe brushes and they all fit in the Dry' N Shape Tower just fine! The only ones that are a little bit more of a struggle are the Real Techniques just because of the shape of the brush ends. 

I liked that the brushes fit very snug in the elastic fabric parts, but I didn't feel like I was damaging my brushes while pulling them through. 


Dry time: I typically let my brushes try on a towel flat overnight. In the morning they are usually dry. With the Dry' N Shape Towers I cleaned my brushes in the morning and checked them after work, they all ended up being dry even my most dense brushes! I was a little worried that water was going to drip down onto my table with the brushes hanging upside down like that, but the fabric must have caught all of the moisture because my table was completely dry! 

Shaping: They also had perfect shape when I removed them from the towers. Sometimes with just air drying flat brushes can lose shape and you have to sort of "fluff" them back into place. The towers made the brush shape perfect! 

Design: I think the design is very nice. I actually think the pink and black look very cute out on my makeup table so I like to leave them out on display. However, it is very nice that you have the option of easily taking them apart to store them! 

Is it worth it? Like most beauty gadgets, if you are just a casual makeup user this type of tool won't really be worth it for you. But if you are a beauty hoarder like will love this! It really cuts down dry time and leaves your brushes in perfect shape! It can work for pretty much all brush brands and is storage friendly. 

Would you give the Sigma Dry' N Shape Towers a try?!
xoxo, Nikole


  1. Very helpful review! thank you :)

  2. These are so on my wish list. Do they fit the Real Techniques face brushes?

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