How I Took My Hair From Blonde Ombre To Grey

I have had my hair the same way from about three years now...blonde ombre. I love the blonde ombre and will probably always go back to it because for me it just looks so natural and is so low maintenance. But, I've been needing a change. 
Lately I've been so obsessed with the grey/silver/granny hair trend. I think it looks so chic and is just super cool. I've never tried a "fashion color" in my hair but I really really loved this hair trend, so I finally told myself I was going to go for it! 

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I started this process by researching salons around me and if they have done this before. I found a salon on Yelp called MB Studio. They have a stylist who has done grey and the whole salon had excellent I sought them out! After calling them and discussing the perfect stylist to go with I wanted to do an initial consultation, because I do have a lot of hair and I wanted her to be able to tell me if my hair would work for this transition. I would recommend doing this before doing a dramatic change to your hair so that your stylist can get the best idea about what her process should be for your hair. 

At the end of the consultation she gave me Olaplex treatment to use once a week before my hair appointment. This stuff worked wonders on my hair! It completely added strength, shine and softness. It made me feel more confident about all the processing my hair was about to go through too. I would highly recommend if you are doing any sort of dramatic coloring to your hair to ask your stylist about Olaplex! 

On the day of my appointment I went in with two day old hair, and having used my Olaplex treatment twice (once a week). My hair is very long and thick, and the blonde was kind of a warm carmel blonde having not gotten it touched up in a while. She started off by lightening my blonde pieces up more. This was the longest part of the process. Once she had it as light as she wanted it, she washed my hair and added a toner. Once she dried it I was left with a gorgeous blonde that was not brassy at all and...I loved it. It almost made me want to keep my blonde ombre for a second because it looked so fresh. But I stuck to my guns and continued the process.

It was time for the grey now! She told me she used the darkest grey because it would fade out. This part took basically no time at all compared to the lightening process. She put the grey all over my blonde pieces and then I sat for about 20 minutes. Once it was done she rinsed me off once more! Once she dried it I was left with a gorgeously blended grey ombre that had pieces of blonde and some light purples which I really did love. The whole process took around four hours.

At first, I expected it to be more grey. But after I looked at it for a while I loved how I wasn't so shocked and it wasn't such a dramatic change after having the same hair for so long. It was subtle and beautiful and still different which I really loved. Also my hair was extremely soft once the process was done. I was scared it would be completely damaged but because of the Olaplex pre-treatment, and the Olaplex that she used during the process, my hair was completely strong, soft and healthy! 

She said when it does start to fade it will just go back to that beautiful blonde my hair was before she added the grey color. However I think when it does start to fade I'll go back to get the grey touched up! I really enjoy the cool effect it adds to my hair. Maybe next time I'll try for a bit more grey even?

If you are in the Rochester, NY area and want to go grey check out Cheri' at MB Studio. She is an amazing stylist and I would highly recommend her if you are thinking of doing something dramatically different. She really took into consideration what I wanted and used the best possible products to keep my hair from being damaged. 

What do you think? Do you like the grey ombre?!
xoxo, Nikole


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