Cara Delevingne Inspired Fall Makeup Tutorial For Vamped Boutique

For my first post as a guest blogger for Vamped Boutique, I created this fall makeup tutorial inspired by Cara Delevingne. Keep in mind that this makeup look is inspired by the picture above. I switched a few things to make it original but took general ideas from her look. For instance, the lip color, I wanted to use a color that was very fall appropriate but might be more versatile for many different skin tones. Also with a dark-glam smokey eye I thought it would be easier for more people to rock and feel comfortable about it! 

For the full post including more images and the video please check it out on the Vamped Boutique blog

I also have a coupon code for Vamped if you are interested in any of their awesome fashions! NIKOLE15.

xoxo, Nikole


  1. Great.Well i dont like cosmetics but your sense is really nice.I liked your post and selection also.When are you going to post more exciting stuff next time?



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