Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit Review

Anastasia Beverly Hills has been one of my favorite makeup brands for a few years now. From the quality to the packaging...everything just feels fancy and luxurious. However, when they first came out with their cream contour kits I wasn't too interested in them. Mainly because the shades just didn't feel right to me. I couldn't decide which color to get because none of the options (light, medium and dark) looked like they would be compatible to my skin tone. I decide to pass on those at that time, but they recently re-vamped the light option and launched a fair option... and I knew that I would like these much better! 

I went with the new-and-improved light option. This one looked more appealing to me than the first light choice because it now had three contour shades that all looked to be more on the cool side. Before, I felt it only had one contour shade that was even dark enough and it looked to be on the warm side, where when I'm cream contouring I want an option on the cool side to look more shadow like.

I love the color selections they made for this new-and-improved kit. The highlight shades are all completely different then each-other...with one being cool, neutral and warm. I love using the banana shade under my eyes, on my forehead, down my nose and on my chin. But I have used all of the highlight shades and highly approve. 

The contour shades while I love them all, are all pretty much the same shade. I can only tell a subtle difference in the three shades when swatching them on my hand, but while contouring they all give basically the same look. Which I think is a plus, because when I'm contouring I want a rich, cool-tone brown shade...and that's what I get with all three of these options. While Havana is a bit more warm then the other two, I don't find it to be so noticeable. 

Light Sculpt

Used Banana on highlight points
Java in hollows of cheeks and outer forehead

This has absolutely taken over as my favorite cream contour product. I love that it is all-in-one kit and I think they did a great job re-vamping this. I would hands down recommend this to people with light to medium skin tones. I feel this could work for medium skin tones because the contour shades are very pigmented and can be built up. 

What's your favorite cream product to contour/highlight with?!



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