My Favorite Brushes + How I Clean Them Using Sigma Spa Express Glove

I have been expanding my brush collection recently so I decided to break down some of my favorite brushes. Do I think every single one of these brushes are necessary for someone's daily makeup use? No. But these are some that I would highly recommend and are a nice mixture between affordable and high-end! 

My favorite face brushes:

Starting off with Sigma. I have recently started adding more and more Sigma brushes into my collection and I really love them. They are amazing quality and the range of brushes they offer is great. My favorite face brushes that I own are the:

  • Duo Fiber Powder/Blush F15- I love applying blushes or highlights with this blush but you could definitely use it for cream products as well because of the duo fibers. 
  • Tapered Face F25- I have been absolutely loving this brush for applying bronzer/contour shades. It is nice and fluffy so it doesn't make anything look too-harsh but still puts a perfect amount of product on the skin. 
  • 3D HD Kabuki- This one is new to my collection...but where has this been my whole life!? I love using this to buff liquid foundation into my skin. I use it by "pouncing" or stippling the product in though...never rubbing motions! It really gives an airbrushed flawless look.
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I have been using Real Techniques brushes for a long time now. Not only are they very affordable, but they are also easily accessible pretty much at any drugstore. These have one of my favorite brush designs because there is no way for them to break really! A lot of my brushes tend to break when they are wood and have the top part glued on. These never have that problem.

  • Stippling Brush- Before adding the Sigma 3D HD brush to my collection, this was my favorite way of stippling on liquid foundation. It creates such a flawless canvas and really allows the product to be absorbed and become one with the skin. Now I rotate between this and the Sigma brush.
  • Buffing Brush- This brush is perfect for chiseling out a powder contour into the hollows of the cheeks! 
  • Setting Brush- I always apply my cheekbone highlight with this brush! It is the perfect size and applies the right amount of product. It can also be used to set under-eye concealer as well!

Morphe Brushes are a great affordable option with extremely high-end quality. Some Morphe brushes are absolutely dupes for really expensive brushes on the market, and that is amazing! They also have a huge selection of different brushes and sometimes appear on Hautelook

  • MB3- This large powder brush is a perfect multi-tasking brush. I use it for bronzing up the entire face...but it could also be used for blush or setting powder!
  • MB36- I love using this little stippling brush for blending out cream contour! It fits in the hollows of the cheeks perfectly and the duo fibers make it a great option! 
  • MB9- This brush is marketed as a foundation brush which it is and would work great for that! However, I like to use it to set my under-eye concealer. It is precise and dense so I am in full control of where the powder is going. I like to use it when I am "baking" because then I can pack on product, let it sit and then wipe away the extra product with a fluffier brush. 

My Favorite Eye Brushes:

Having a good set of eyeshadow brushes can really amp-up your makeup application. I have a mixture of Sigma and Morphe brushes that always find their way into my daily shadow application. 

  • Sigma E32- This brush is great for packing a shade all over the lid. I love that it is small, but still a bit fluffy so I could double as a blending brush as well! 
  • Sigma E45- This is one of my favorite eyeshadow brushes I own. The tapered shape and the fluffiness of the brush make it absolutely perfect for blending out an outer-v shade. It really helps to add definition to any eye look! 
  • Sigma E06- If you love winged eyeliner then this little guy will become your new best friend! It is so small and precise that it makes putting on gel liner an absolute dream. I have tried other eyeliner brushes before but this is hands down my absolute favorite. 
  • Sigma E35- Where do I even begin with this brush. All that I will say is this brush is a one-man-wonder. It is perfect on days when you just want to throw a shade into the crease, but it also can blend out dark shadows, create a one-shadow look, buff a dark shade into the outer name it, this brush can do it!!! If I had to choose one eye brush out of the whole bunch I would hands down choose this. 
  • Morphe MB23- This brush is extremely similar to the Sigma E35 except it is a bit larger. So I love to use this to blend out shadows to remove any harsh lines. But if you are looking for an affordable option to the E35 this would work great. 

Easy Way To Clean Brushes:

The Sigma Spa Express Glove makes cleaning brushes so easy! And when I say clean...I mean these babies are CLEAN! Before I would just put a little bit of baby shampoo into my hand and rub the brush on my palm, but I found to really get the brush clean I would have to use multiple pumps of shampoo and repeat the process over and over. 

With the Spa Express Glove, I can use less product and the ridges/groves in the glove really help to clean deep down. 

Watch demo here:

Step one: Place a bit of brush cleaner into the "Wash" section of the glove. I use baby shampoo because it is gentle on the brushes but cleans them nicely. 

Wet your brush and begin swirling it on the "Wash" section. Feel free to be pretty rough with it if you have deep down product buildup. 

Step 2: Place the brush back under the running water and rub brush side-to-side (windshield wiper motions) on the "Rinse" section. 

Step 3: Swirl your brush on the "Refine" section if you need added deep cleaning. For an even deeper cleaning (I usually need this for concealer or foundation brushes) use the "Refine Plus" section. 

 Step 4: Go back to the "Rinse" section and wash away any suds left in the brush. Repeat the process if you feel your brush is still dirty. 

Once you feel your brush is clean enough, squeeze the excess water out of the brush head and place it on a towel to dry! 

Do I recommend the Spa Express Glove?

I think if you have a large makeup brush collection and need to clean them often, then the Sigma Spa Express Glove is a great investment for you. I love it because it really gives my brushes a deep clean that my hands alone cannot do. 

Think of it as a Clarisonic Brush, but for your brushes! You know, when you think you have all of your makeup off at night... but then you use a spin brush and realize OMG ALL OF THAT MAKEUP WAS STILL ON MY FACE?! Just using your hands to clean brushes will still leave makeup in those crevasses of your dirty brushes. It is also travel friendly which is awesome. 

Bottom line- I will never wash my brushes again without my Sigma Spa Express Glove! 

What are some of your favorite makeup brushes?!


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