Cute And Affordable Makeup Storage Options

If you're a makeup hoarder like I am, coming up with creative ways to store your collection is a must. These are some of the ways that I like to store mine!

The Alex drawers from Ikea have always been a huge hit in the makeup world. They are really nice quality and can store a lot of products! However Michaels has an extremely similar option that can save you some cash. 

Alex Drawers Ikea- $79.99                                              Recollections Drawers Michaels- $53.99

Not only are the Michaels drawers cheaper but you can also use coupons to save even more money! I own the Recollections Drawers and I love them. They are really nice, sturdy quality and give me a lot of storage space. 

On top of my drawers I like to keep cute clear jars and fill them with blushes, eyeshadows, nail polish...really anything! Some of my clear jars I found from Marshall's but you can also find them at Target or Walmart. Some I even found just laying around my house!

Filling jars with single shadows or blushes makes me want to reach for them more often because I can see them sitting there, rather than tucked away in a drawer. You could also fill these with products you use on an everyday basis!

I like to use mason jars for storing things like cotton swabs and cotton balls. Pictured below I took a mason jar and topped it off with a smaller jam jar to make it multipurpose! I also filled another small mason jar with lipliners and glosses. This makes them easy to grab and go. 

Clear acrylic lipstick holders and drawers are perfect for lip products, so that you can see all of your color options. I purchased my lipstick holders from Amazon and my clear drawers from Marshall's.

Delicate jewelry trays are a really nice option for holding palettes that you might be interested in using more or just ones you often reach for! My grandma gave me this adorable pearl tray, but you could find these at a thrift store or a home decorative store.

What are some of your favorite cute ways to store makeup?!
xoxo, Nikole


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