Laura Geller 'The Delectables' Eye Shadow Palette Review

Laura Geller is quickly becoming one of my all-time favorite makeup brands. I have been raving about their Gilded Honey highlighter and loving on the Baked Liquid Foundation, so when I saw that they had two new eyeshadow palettes...I knew one of them was coming home with me! 

The Delectables Shades of Nude and Shades of Cool are Laura Geller's new eyeshadow palettes. I of course went with the Shades of Nude palette because I would wear every-single shade in this palette. 

The Delectables costs $45 and you are getting 14 shades. To put that in comparison the Urban Decay Naked Palette costs $54 for 12 eyeshadows. If you were looking for a high-end palette right now I would recommend this palette over ANY of my Naked palettes for a few reasons...

  • Texture of the shadows- The Laura Geller shadows claim to be vibrant, rich, luxurious, silky and lightweight...I would say 100%. Every single one is so soft and silky to the touch, they blend like an absolute dream and have amazing color payoff. 

  • Wear time- For testing purposes I wore the Laura Geller shadows with no primer or base underneath. I applied them at 10 a.m. and did not get home from work until after midnight. My shadows and I kid you not had not moved at all. They did not crease, fade or look lackluster by the time I got home. If I don't wear a primer under my Urban Decay shadows after a few hours they will have creased and faded. 

  • Color options- I do love the shades available in the Urban Decay palettes, but I think the options in the Laura Geller palette are so unique and many are unlike any other shades I own! The Laura Geller shadows are baked so they are meant to be used either wet or dry so you can create so many different looks with this palette! I love the range of neutral colors (browns, taupes, creams) and pops of color like, burgundy and greens. 

This is the look I wore while testing out the wear time of these shadows. 
1. Mushroom and Hazelnut blended out in crease
2. Raisin all over lid
3. Mahogany in outer corner
4. Brown Sugar and Mahogany on lower lash line
5. Vanilla on brow bone and inner corner

I am so pleased with every Laura Geller product I try. After seeing how amazing these shadows feel, look and perform...I definitely want the Shades of Cool palette in my life as well!

What are some of your favorite Laura Geller products?! 


  1. Beautiful! I definitely need to pick up this palette! Do you remember what you wore on your lips in the photos above? Thanks!

  2. Thank you! Yes I was wearing nyx lipliner in nude beige and nyx soft matte lip cream in Cairo!

  3. I think this palette resembles those released by Urban Decay but the colour pays off really seems good, hope it is similar in person to that in pictures.



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