Everything You Need To Know About Mink Eyelash Extensions

Gorgeous stars like Kim K, Kylie Jenner and Beyonce have been rocking eyelash extensions for years and you all probably were thinking they are just #blessed with amazing goddess lashes. How do they look so natural yet so glamorous? Individual mink eyelash extensions is the answer. 

I'm makeup obsessed (no shocker here) so after I would bang out a full face of makeup it never felt complete with just mascara, I always felt like I needed some falsies. One day when I was shopping (falsies in tact of course) I was complimented by a sales associate on my lashes and we got to talking back and forth. She told me about a woman (in my local area) who applies mink eyelash extensions and showed me her Instagram page. Right then and there I knew I needed them.

Mink lash extensions are relatively new to people outside of Celeb Land. You may have to search your local area to see if there is anyone who even applies them. But if you are in the Rochester area, Lash Doll Lashes by Amya is a self-taught mink eyelash extension goddess. 

She fit me right in that week to have my first full set on. The process does take some time...it took me around 2 hours for a full set, but after that fills should only take around 30 minutes. It takes a long time because she actually finds each one of your eyelashes and applies a natural looking mink extension to each individual lash 1-by-1. 

This is what makes mink lash extensions so amazing, because it just accentuates the lashes you already have, not like other lash extensions that can look 

  • chunky
  • over-volumized 
  • and extra fake. 
Amya reassured me that would not happen because the fullness of the extensions depends on how many natural lashes you have. 

She also determines the different lengths of lashes that would look best for each person's eye shape. She used 3 different lengths on me to give it a gorgeous natural wispy feel (exactly what I wanted).

I have very sensitive eyes so the mixture of the glue, and my bottom lashes being taped down did cause a bit of irritation with my eyes, but typically that should not happen. 

Amya charges $100 for a full set. Which may seem like a lot of money, but other salons can charge upwards of $250 for a set of mink lashes. Mink lashes are more expensive than synthetic to begin with because they give a more natural look. Plus your technician is putting these lashes on each of your own lashes, which takes a lot of time. The full set is expected to last 5-6 weeks depending on how you take care of them. It is also recommended to get fills if you plan on keeping your lashes, which prices vary on those depending on how many lashes she needs to reapply during your fill. 

Now I want to just break down some of my own questions before getting mink lash extensions and help you to understand them a bit better. 

Are you allowed to wear mascara with lash extensions?
With mink lash extensions you should not wear mascara on them because that almost defeats the purpose. They give you a natural wipsy look, if you add mascara it will make them clumpy.

I wash my face a lot because I wear a lot of makeup, will this cause them to fall out sooner?
Not at all. I've had my lashes on for exactly 1 week now and I have only noticed 1 lash fall out. I wash my face twice a day and as long as you don't rub your eyes it is no problem at all. 

How do I clean my lashes?
You do want to clean them daily because dirt and other elements can build up on them. I put some baby shampoo into a small cup and add water, then I take a q-tip and apply a bit of the shampoo lightly to the lashes. 

Is it okay to shower/swim with them on?
Yes! It is recommended to wait 24 hours before allowing water on your lashes to allow the glue to properly adhere, but after that they will be perfectly fine! 

Will this damage my natural lashes?
No! Once the mink extensions are on they act as if they are your natural lashes. So they will fall off with the natural cycle of your lashes. They actually can help your natural lashes because you aren't putting on false strips/mascara everyday and straining them to take off. 

Why is it so expensive?
Having individual mink lashes attached to your lashes is quite the lavish treatment. So if you are concerned with how expensive they are, then just don't get them. I have no problem with the price knowing how gorgeous they turn out, how convenient it is for someone like me and also the time the lash technician spends applying them. 

I personally love how they turned out so natural but can also look dramatic with full glam makeup. It is so amazing for me to wake up with full lashes and not have to worry about loading on tons of mascara or lashes to get my desired look. 

Would you try mink eyelash extensions?!


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