Facial Sprays: Great or Gimmick?

A lot of companies come out with products that are so hyped up or seem so innovative. But sometimes those groundbreaking products actually turn out to be more gimmicky than amazing. I decided to create a new series in which I'll take products that seem a bit excessive to anyone's collection and let you know if they are great (!!!) or a complete waste of money (gimmick). 

First up I decided to talk about facial sprays...mainly because I am a complete sucker and just purchased the new MAC Prep + Prime Fix+ that has a scent. Now, I know you are all probably thinking right there is a gimmick they got her to spend more money on the exact same product just now it smells good. In which you are 100% correct. However I am completely fine with that because I hands down believe that Fix+ is worth every penny. 

I will say that Fix+ is not necessarily a makeup "setting spray", it is not meant to make your makeup last longer in particular. It is more meant to help make your makeup look less cakey , add a bit of a dewy glow and take away any product build up. Which is the main reason that I use a finishing spray for. I have dry skin so making my makeup stay the longest is not the intent of me using a setting spray. If you do decide to go with the Fix+ you do not need both the scented and unscented, they both do the exact same thing. However the scents are a nice little refreshment! 

Another favorite of mine is the Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray. Again this is not meant to keep your makeup on longer, but it hydrates the skin and takes away any product buildup or dry spots. The Rosewater is filled with great ingredients and I especially love to carry it in my bag for traveling or long days.

If you have dry skin I 100% think that facial sprays are great and worth checking out. I highly recommend both the Fix+ and the Mario Badescu Rosewater. If you are looking to spend a little less money for your first try, the Rosewater comes in a small travel size that is right around $5 at Ulta. 

If you are wanting a setting spray that helps to keep your makeup locked in and on all night, you might be more happy with the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. I used that before in the trail size but was not pleased, because it didn't help to smooth over my skin and make me dewy. But it does lock in makeup for the night though and I've heard great things about it from people with oily skin. 

What are some of your favorite facial sprays?

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