Quick Minimal Makeup Look

On days off, just running errands or things around the house, I typically won't wear a full face of makeup... if any at all. This is my go-to quick minimal makeup look when I just want to look pulled together.

1. Apply BB Cream- I love the Maybelline Dream Pure BB, mine is in medium and it matches my skin perfectly. I also love the original Maybelline BB cream (with the pink packaging). Make sure to blend under the eyes because I am skipping concealer for this routine. I find that I can get away with just BB Cream for running errands, plus it skips an extra blending step of concealer! If you find you need it, just dab a bit of your favorite concealer, don't go with a shade too light because we are not doing a full highlight/contour routine for this simple look! 

The Morphe MB36 brush is absolute perfection for blending out liquid foundation/BB Cream. It blends like a dream and makes it so simple...it's all I've been using lately (it's taken the place of my beloved BeautyBlender *gasp*). 
2. Warm Up Complexion with bronzer- On these days I am not trying to spend a long time contouring anything...the easiest way I've found to bronze up the face and add definition is taking my Morphe MB3 brush (very full and fluffy) and swirling it in any bronzer ( I've been absolutely obsessed with my Laura Geller Balance'n'Bronze lately). Then just sweeping it over the outsides of my face/places the sun would naturally hit. 

The Laura Geller bronzer is great because it is infused with multiple colors allowing it to look very natural with any skin type! It also adds dimension so I can skip a blush! 
3. Define Brows-Brows are an absolute must for me no matter what makeup look I am going for. On these simple days I will take my favorite brow powder from Milani and lightly fill in/define my brows. I love using my Anastasia dual ended brush for this.
4. Mascara-Another must for me even on simple days is mascara. You know I love my falsies but on days when I am doing the bare minimum I'm just reaching for my lash curler and one coat of mascara. My all time favorite drugstore mascara is the L'Oreal Teloscopic Shocking Extensions Mascara because it adds length, separates lashes and volumizes. 
5. Add a gloss- I usually will reach for a light pink gloss on minimal makeup days because it adds a natural looking wash of shine and color. One of my favorites is Eclair Butter Gloss from NYX Cosmetics. 

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What's your go-to minimal makeup look?
xoxo, Nikole


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