Flutter Lashes Review

Lately I have been crazy for wearing falsies, and recently started branching out into mink lashes. I previously reviewed CarliLash for Velour Lashes and absolutely loved them...so I decided to try another brand of mink lashes, Flutter Lashes.

I want to start off this review by saying how impressed I was with the costumer service of Flutter Lashes. I received my order very quickly, within two days I would say and in my package was a coupon code for my next order! I have been having problems with other companies lately and it was refreshing for this company to be so professional and customer friendly.

The lashes that I ordered where in the style "Serena". What I loved most about their website was they showed diagrams about the lashes and what eye-shapes they would look best on. I think that is very helpful so you could see which lashes would fit best for you!

I have been wearing them non-stop since I got them! If I'm comparing them to the CarliLash, I find that these are softer than the Velour Lashes. Also I like that the band is smaller on the Flutter Lashes, this makes them easier to apply and blend in with your real lashes.

I also find that I don't feel the need to apply mascara after I have them on which I love. When I would apply the CarliLash, I felt I still needed to add mascara to help blend the lashes with my natural ones. "Serena" from Flutter look so natural with my eyes (but still very dramatic) that they blend in perfectly if I already have mascara on my lashes.

I do love the Velour Lashes, but I think I might prefer Flutter Lashes right now. I am going to try other styles and see how I like those!

What are your favorite brand of mink lashes?!
xoxo, Nikole


  1. They are so pretty! I want them now! :)

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