First Impression: Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation

Am I a sucker or what? Pretty packaging, NEW!, and a description as confusing as "Baked-Liquid Radiance Founation?!?!?!?" I never stood a chance. While innocently browsing my local Ulta, I ran face first into a gorgeous display of new foundation from Laura Geller. I had noticed this product in my monthly Ulta catalog and was definitely interested by it but didn't think I would try it out...well I stand corrected.

I'm not sure the last time I did a first impression post so I thought this one would be perfect!

The Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation retails for $38, and I got mine from Ulta. It has 9 shade choices which I think is a very nice range...and mine is in the shade light. Light definitely has a yellow undertone, so if you are more pink undertone but still lighter skin tone I would go with either Porcelain or Fair. 

This is what the product claims: 

"The next generation of Baked, now in a full-coverage liquid formula! For the very first time, Baked pigments deliver the color correction you love, in a never-before-seen liquid foundation. Loose pigments are coated in almond oil, then baked in Italy on terracotta tiles to create perfectly smooth spheres of color that lay evenly on skin. These Baked pigments are combined with a water-rich, skin-loving formula to create radiance in a bottle. With a blend of illuminating and moisturizing ingredients, Baked Liquid Radiance delivers weightless, creamy color correction with a natural skin finish. The long-wearing, streak-free formula leaves skin glowing, healthy looking, and absolutely radiant."

My face without foundation (I also have no primer, just moisturizer) in the top left box has noticeable freckles and blemishes (mainly around my chin and upper lip).
In the photo below it I have on only one layer of the Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance Foundation. I applied it with a damp BeautyBlender and used about a pump and a half of the foundation. It noticeably evened out my skin tone, and covered some imperfections. 
In the last photo I added my concealer, contour, blush and highlight. I think this foundation created a beautiful canvas for the rest of my makeup and looks very natural (not cakey at all). 
It feels very lightweight on the skin, and with my dry skin it did not cling to any of my dry patches. 
I would say it gives a natural/satin's not matte that's for sure but it's also not dewy or luminous. 
They claim that this foundation is full coverage. I would say it definitely is buildable to full coverage but with just one layer it's only light-medium. I can still see some blemishes, even with my full makeup. 
I honestly think this would be a good foundation for any skin worked for my very dry skin but it also isn't dewy so I think oily skins would like it as well. 

This foundation claims to be long-wearing, and I would have to agree. I applied my makeup as seen in the first images around 10 am. At 2:45 pm this is what my makeup looked like:

...and this is what it looked like again at 11 pm (lighting is not great, I was at work).  Starting to see some fading of the product on my forehead and nose, also my blemishes started to peak out. Reminder I did not use any primer while testing this product so this wear was all on it's own! 

All and all I would say it looks great for around 10-12 hours. 

My first impression of the Laura Geller Baked Liquid Radiance foundation is that it is a great medium coverage foundation that looks very natural on the skin. It felt great as I wore it throughout the day and I was very happy with the wear of the product. I will definitely continue to use this and I would recommend it to any skin type!

Would you give this product a try?!
xoxo, Nikole 


  1. Wow, you have amazing skin! You don't even need foundation! This product sounds great. I've been meaning to try more of Laura Geller's products. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you so much! Yeah, she has really great products you should give some a try, I totally recommend this foundation!

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    1. Flutter Lashes in the style Serena



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