Velour CarliLash Review

For a while now I have gone back and forth about ordering a pair of mink lashes. I finally caved and ordered the pair that Carli Bybel designed with Velour Lashes. So are they worth the money?

So say you buy a pair of lashes from the drugstore. They usually range from $3-6 per pair. You can get a few uses out of them if you take care of them, but typically you are throwing them out after one use. With mink lashes you get 25-30 uses out of them because of the high quality they are made with. For each pair ranging from $30-40 typically, thats almost like getting them for a little over a dollar per use. If you can get over the fact that up front you are paying $30 for a pair of lashes, than it actually is a really great deal to invest in a pair of mink lashes. 

With the CarliLash I ended up with a very dramatic look, which I really did love. What I really like about them is that they are really long and whispy, so even though it is dramatic they look fluttery and almost soft. Keep in mind that everyone has different eyes, so even though this is what they look like on me they could come off very different on you.

The first thing I did before I applied them was cut them to fit my eye shape. I used small eyebrow scissors and started on the inner corner and cut off my desired amount (very carefully).  I like to cut from the inside because I prefer my false lashes to not start all the way on the inner part of my eye. I just find it makes it easier to not see the band and apply if they are more towards the middle of the eye and then get larger as they go out. 

Then I applied some lash glue ( I just used glue that had come with Kardashian Beauty lashes I previously used) straight to the band, let it dry for about 20 seconds to get tacky and then took tweezers to apply them to my lash-line.

I applied my lashes around 10 a.m. and they did not budge until I took them off around 2 a.m. I'm not sure if that is credit to the glue or the lashes but they lasted me the entire day/night which is amazing.

I'm not going to lie, since these lashes are so nice and the hair is thick I could tell that I had them on at first. Usually with my cheap drugstore lashes I put them on and barely notice they're there. These ones, if you are not used to lashes, they could bother you.

To make your lashes last to their longest potential you need to make sure you take care of them once you are done with them for the day. To do so I just took small tweezers and peeled off the excess glue from the application, then with a makeup wipe I lightly rubbed the lashes on it to remove any mascara. Then I just placed them back in the cute little purple box they came in!

If you are a serious lash-a-holic like myself, I 100% recommend investing in a pair of Velour Lashes, and I really recommend the CarliLash. I think they will be very flattering on a lot of eye shapes. I know I will be trying another pair when I am getting down to my last uses of these. If you are just trying out lashes, maybe try some drugstore options first before you go all in with mink lashes.

Have you ever tried mink lashes? What is your favorite brand?

xoxo, Nikole


  1. I love this! I was able to use my Carli lashes MANY times, so I think they are definitely worth the money.



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