NYX Brow Pomade Review + Dupe for Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow?

NYX has always been one of my favorite brands from the drugstore. Recently they have come out with a bunch of products that look sneakishly similar to high-end products, so I decided to put this one to the test.

I have never seen a brow pomade at the drugstore so when I saw that NYX came out with one I was quite excited. I have loved the Anastasia DipBrow for over a year now and think it is a really great product but for some people it might be a bit pricey.


Color Ranges:

The NYX Tame and Frame is available in five different shades, and mine is in Brunette. The DipBrow is available in 11 different shades and I have it in the shade Chocolate. I think a plus about the NYX shade ranges is that they are more cool toned and more hair like. I feel that my Chocolate DipBrow is just too warm for my hair color but the darker shade would be too dark so I really have to work with it to make it match my hair better. So for the color department I think that the NYX option is better for me...this might not be the case for everyone.


I will say that the DipBrow is definitely easier to apply. It is thicker and smoother of a texture than the NYX product so it applies more evenly. The NYX one can seem dry and flakey sometimes so I feel like I need to add more product and then you can get a little strong-handed. 

Lasting Powder: 

The NYX Pomade lasts all day, however the DipBrow does have better lasting power. 


I would say, if you are on a budget and are looking to try out a brow pomade the NYX Pomade is a great drugstore option. It looks gorgeous and lasts a long time however I would say if you have never used a pomade before you need a bit of practice to get it down 100%. If you are looking for an amazing pomade and don't mind spending a bit more, I would say go for the Anastasia product. I do not think that the NYX Pomade is an exact dupe because I do think the textures are different but I would say it is a great drugstore alternative. 

Wearing the NYX Tame and Frame in Brunette 

Would you try the NYX Tame and Frame or go for the DipBrow?



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