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The other day my mom, aunts and grandma were visiting me for a girls weekend. So naturally what did we do....SHOP! When we were getting ready my mom was telling me about a new foundation she picked up but how it definitely was not her right shade (which it was not). I told her that the shade was right but the undertone was wrong...too pink for her more yellow-toned skin. What most people don't know is if you pick a foundation that has the wrong undertone for your skin it will actually highlight your flaws and make you look off.

When we got to the mall we of-course stopped in Sephora. The associate working mentioned to us that they have this service called the Color IQ by Pantone. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to show my mom exactly what her undertone and skin color is.

It takes under a minute to find your color...all they do is take the Color IQ tool and take a few images of your skin (around your chin and neck). Then you will be matched and any products Sephora carries that match your color will pop up on the screen for you to choose from. We found out that both of us had yellow undertones (like I thought) and that I was just a bit paler than her. My shade was 2Y04 and hers was 2Y06.

The associate then asked us more questions about the type of look and coverage we wanted. I have dry skin so I wanted a foundation that would hydrate and provide a glow.

We found out that my perfect foundation would be the NARS Sheer Glow foundation in Deauville. Once we decided the perfect foundation the associate then applied it to my face to show me exactly how it would look on my skin and completed the whole face with blush and bronzer! She then sent me home with a sample so I could give it a try for a few days before making the purchase (because it is a pretty pricey item). I ended up going back and buying a full sized bottle.

The Color IQ is an extremely fascinating tool that I would recommend to everyone who wears makeup. Even if you think you have the perfect color match it doesn't hurt to be 100% sure...not to mention this is completely free!

Both my mom and I are extremely happy that we took the time to find our perfect match and I am more than happy with my new high-end foundation!

Would you try the Color IQ or have you yet?! 
xoxo, Nikole 


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