End Your War With Bed Head

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Ah bed head, the classic issue many females face when they wake up in the morning. Hit the alarm, zombie walk into bath room, pull out toothpaste, look in mirror and GASP...THAT HAIR?! Many people might hate me for saying this...but as for the concern of my hair in the morning, to quote the queen...I really did wake up like this.

(my hair usually looks something like this in the morning)

In the mornings my hair is the least of my concerns. I don't really brush it, style it or use any products on most days. Now trust me, I did not always feel this way...In high-school all I wanted to do was combat my bed head and straighten the crap out of my hair. My mom would always tell me..."someday you will appreciate that hair of yours." So that's my first tip right there ladies...always listen to your momma.

My second tip is to embrace your bed head, or whatever kind of hair you have. Embrace what makes you...well you. You are special and beautiful. Once you embrace what you have, you can learn how to work with it.

Which brings me to my next point. I do understand that sometimes you do need to make yourself look presentable, so if your hair is all over the place in the morning there are ways to manage it! And yes, some days I do need to give my hair a little curl, or straighten it or use some tricks on it. Casper is a cool new start-up company in New York City creating the perfect mattress! While we both know getting out of an amazing mattress in the morning may be tricky... styling your hair in the morning shouldn't be. They have asked me to share some of my tricks and tips to combat/embrace/style bed head in the morning!

Image source: https://casper.com/

Tricks & Tips 

1. Don't go to bed with wet hair:
This one is hard for me to preach because I do this myself. I am a night-time shower gal. And I personally don't own a blowdryer (gasp, I know). I find that for me, air-drying is what works best for my hair. I have naturally wavy hair...so adding heat is what makes the frizz explode! However, for some people blow-drying might work best! It all is what you find works for you. But I can tell you this...sleeping with wet hair will make it frizzier/curlier in the morning. So if you have naturally frizzy/curly hair...it might be best to make sure it is dry before dozing off. 

2. Braids 
If it does come down to it and you're going to sleep with wet hair try braiding it first! This will help combat the frizz in the night and give you nice waves you then can style when you wake up in the morning. Separate your hair into two braids before bed, and then when you take them out in the morning you will have gorgeous frizz free beachy waves! If you don't want waves in the morning, it is also easier to style this hair because it is manageable, so it will cut your straightening/curling time in half! 

3. Sleek Bun

For those who just don't know what to do with your hair in the morning--my favorite go-to easy style is the sleek "doughnut" bun. This is something I do all the time and it literally takes me about 2 minutes to do and it is perfect for almost every occasion!

  • Start by pulling your hair up as you were going to do a regular pony tail, combing back your hair to make it sleek. It may help to have some water in a spray bottle or hair spay to help make the hair slick back! 
  • Once you have it smoothed out and how you want it, make a regular old pony tail with an elastic. You want to have this on the highest part of your head you can get. 
  • Take the pony tail you just created and wrap it around the elastic but keeping it symmetrical on all sides. 
  • Wrap a second elastic around the bun you just created.
  • Wa-la...perfect sleek hairstyle!

4. Smoothing cream/product
If you find your hair is extremely fizzy and unmanageable in the morning, you might want to try an at-home smoothing system! TRESemme (an extremely affordable brand that can be found at the drugstore) has recently come out with a 7-day non-damaging smoothing system that can even last through washing your hair! I have not personally tried this, but I've got to say it does look pretty promising.

What's great about this is that some treatments you could get from the salon could be very damaging to your hair. This one claims to not be, so that is a huge plus!

5. Tame baby fly-aways with clear brow gel
If little fly-aways around your forehead or when you put your hair up is what's bothering you, a cool little trick is to just use your clear brow gel! Clear brow gel that is used for-well setting your eyebrows-is perfect for containing fly-aways because it is already in a perfect little wand form. So just take the wand and brush over those pesky little hairs, smoothing them into place with your hands.

Those are just some of my tricks and tips that I know for ending the war with bed head! I would love to hear some of your favorites in the comments below!



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