10 Ways To Save Money On Beauty Products and Services

As you might have guessed I am a certified beauty junkie with a minor case of shop-a-holicism. So throughout my days of credit card swiping and isle browsing, I have found some ways to cut corners and save some cash here and there.

1. Coupons, coupons, coupons!!!! 
  • I know that some people are intimidated by the thought of being a "crazy coupon lady" but it actually can be quite fun and it really does save money...ESPECIALLY in the beauty department. The best is when you can layer coupons together so my first tip is that if you don't already have a CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens (I have all three) membership card...DO IT NOW. They are free, so why wouldn't you? 

  • My favorite drugstore to shop for makeup at is CVS because like all drugstores you can use manufacturers coupons on your products but you also get ExtraBucks on most purchases (they have these deals clearly labeled in the stores and in their weekly ads)! The best thing about CVS is if you do get an ExtraBuck reward you can use it instantly (you don't have to wait 24 hours like Rite Aid). Meaning that if you are a little smarty pants you can split up your purchases and use rewards to save even more money right then and there!!! 

  • For example: Right now at my local CVS all Covergirl Cosmetics are spend $15 get a $5 ExtraBucks reward. If you go on Coupons.com (under the personal care section) they have 3 different Covergirl coupons...and you can use them all on your purchase! So you save money, and get $5 rewards back! 

  • Another CVS secret is that ExtraBucks technically do have expiration dates, but most of the time if it is less than a week or two expired the cashier still lets you use it so don't be afraid to ask!

  • Before you go to the drugstore to by beauty or health products be sure to check out websites such as coupons.com, here you can print out tons of coupons for free! Also check your local papers and magazines for coupons as well!

2. Value sets at Sephora or Ulta
  • These are perfect for when you want to try out some new products but are not really sure where to start! I know when I walk into Sephora or Ulta with a giftcard or wanting to make a purchase I want to get the most for my money on high-end products! So value sets are usually what I end up purchasing! 

  • They usually show you the actual value of the set next to the price you will be paying which is awesome! For example, right now at Sephora they have a Sephora Favorites Eyeliner set which is a $79 value, but you only pay $30! They have tons of different options of these cute little sets in which you get a variety of products to try!

3. Ask for samples!
  • Another Sephora trick is if you just ask the sales associates, they will give you samples of whatever products you want to try. This is amazing because this is a pricey store...so instead of just taking the chance on that $50 foundation, they can give you a sample that usually lasts about a week! If after the week you decide you hate it, or maybe the shade wasn't the right match then you saved yourself some cash! Also you basically got a free weeks worth of a $50 foundation! 

  • Lush also can do samples (except you do still have to pay for them here). The good thing about lush's samples are that you are paying WAY LESS for a smaller size. Also, most of their products are skincare so you never know if your skin will have a reaction to a product, so buying a sample size is great to test this out, rather than splurging on a full sized item and then it not even working out for you. 

4. Do your eyebrows and other facial hair services at home

  • For years I was a firm believer in going and getting my eyebrows/lip (waxed or threaded) twice a month. It was convenient yes, but after a while I was becoming unhappy with how thin they would make my eyebrows...not to mention the expense every couple of weeks. I figured I could do this exact same process at home with only a one time fee every couple of months...I was right! 

  • I now wax my own eyebrows and upper lip at home, which actually turned out to be more convenient because I can do it on my time frame (not according to salon hours). 

  • I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills Wax Kit (I got mine at Ulta but it looks like it is no longer available now...but any wax kit from Sally's would work just as well) and it is only $12! I have used it for about 9 months now and I still have the original kit that I purchased! 
    • Getting eyebrows threaded twice a month (with tip included)= $26
    • For 9 months= $234
    • Doing at home with kit for 9 months= $12
    • In total I saved over $200 in 9 months by doing this myself!

5. Self-tanning at home
  • This is another beauty services that is great to do at home to save money. I recently stopped tanning in a salon which was costing me $16 a month. Sunless tanning in a salon will cost you around $20 per visit or $20 a month (with a yearly commitment... prices from the salon I was using). 

  • I purchased a bottle of sunless tanning mouse from Million Dollar Tan for around $30 and I have had it for about three months now. I found that I need to re-apply about every two weeks (and I still have a lot left in my bottle).
    • For a sunless tanning monthly service= $240 a year 
    • Sunless tanning at home (estimating I need a new bottle every 6 months)= About $60 a year

6. Back 2 Mac
  • MAC Cosmetics offers a recycling program: For every six product packages (not the cardboard packaging only...lipstick tubes, blush pans, eyeshadow pans ext...) you bring back you get a free lipstick of your choice! 

  • A lipstick from MAC retails for $16, if you are an avid MAC Cosmetics lover (like myself) this is amazing because you are going to buy their products anyway, why not get a free lipstick in the works!

7. Buy everyday makeup from Wal-Mart
  • Products that you use on an everyday basis such as mascara, or face powder from the drugstore should be purchased from Wal-Mart....why? Because it is SO MUCH CHEAPER! I like to go to Ulta or CVS for items such as lipstick or blush, things I want to get multiple colors in and play around with. But items such as mascara, that I usually repurchase the same kind and use almost everyday.

8. Buy store brand items

  •  Some items you can totally get away with buying the store brand instead of the name brand and it works just the same. Some items I recommend buying the store brand are...
    • Cotton Swabs 
      • Target Brand: $1.59 (300 count)
      • Q-Tip brand: $2.60 (375 count)
    • Makeup remover wipes
      • Target Brand makeup wipes (comparable to Neautrogena):$3.84 (25 count)
      • Neautrogena makeup wipes: $4.99 (25 count) 
    • Body wash
      • Target Brand body wash (comparable to Dove): $3.59
      • Dove Brand: $5.49
    •  Face moisturizer
      • Target Brand oil-free moisturizer (comparable to Neautrogena): $6.29
      • Neautrogena oil-free moisturizer: $9.99
    • Nail polish remover  
      • Target Brand nail polish remover: $0.97 
      • Sally Hansen nail polish remover: $2.89

  • If you were to buy all the store brand items in one trip you would spend $16.28, name brand total would be $25.96. 

9. Coupon Codes!
  • Basically any big time YouTuber or Blogger will have coupon codes listed in their description bar or blog. 
  • For example right now on three of my favorite YouTuber's channels I found...

10. Flash sale sites! 

  • Flash sale sites are one of my favorite websites to check out on a daily basis...my favorite is Hautelook because everyday they have new amazing deals! They have a beauty tab which always features great brands like...
    • the Balm
    • BH Cosmetics
    • Laura Geller
    • and so much more!

  • They also have an app too so you can quickly check in and see if there is anything you want to snag before it's too late!

Those are my top ten ways to save money on beauty products and services! If you have any tricks please leave them in the comments I would love to know some more! 

xoxo, Nikole


  1. CVS is my local drugstore, I never buy anything beauty-related without a coupon, especially since they always email out those 20% off ones, or $4 or $20! I've never tried Hautelook, just because the deals on the products I want never seem to offset the shipping costs. Great tips!

    1. I've been lucky to find some Hautelook coupon codes for free shipping online you just have to look around!

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