My experience at the Her Campus #HerConference

A few months back I decided to join the Her Campus Blogger Network as a way to widen my audience and meet new people. I first heard about Her Campus during my last semester in college so unfortunately for me, I missed out on all the amazing opportunities that being apart of Her Campus has to offer. I thought that joining the blogger network would be a way to experience it a bit. Long story short...I was right.

The Her Campus Blogger Network is filled with hundreds of other girls, from all over the WORLD, just as obsessed with blogging as I am and all looking to help each other grow. Not only that, it opened up an opportunity for me to attend the Her Campus National Intercollegiate Her Conference which was one of the best experiences I've ever had. 

I arrived in New Jersey with my brother, and boyfriend (my road trip mates for the weekend) on Friday, not knowing what to expect for Saturday. Around 6 a.m. my alarm went off and I hopped out of bed to get ready. I arrived at the beautiful Columbia University, so excited to see what the day had in store for me. 

As I walked (particularly careful because heels and cobblestone aren't really a match made in heaven) towards the front doors of the Faculty House I could see other girls with their beautiful business-yet-fashionable outfits carefully picked out days before... just like me. 

I stood in a short line to check in. Handed to me was a lanyard with my name-tag and I was then informed to grab my "goodie bag" to the left of me. I looked at the girl handing out these "goodie bags" and could practically feel my jaw hit the floor.

I was expecting something along the line of little clear plastic baggies secured with a twist tie, stuffed with some candy and those fancy erasers you used to get at your friend's birthday party as a kid. 


But what I got, was a canvas tote stuffed to the brim, with all kinds of goodies. Makeup, food, coupons, name was in there. 

And the free goodies was just the beginning of what awesomeness was in store for me. Following that, I walked myself and my four-inch heels up a flight of stairs onto "the giveaway floor". This room was filled with tables and fun stuff to check out. Upon arrival you received one red raffle ticket that you could put into your raffle of choice. And these prizes ranged from a Chipotle catering coupon for 20 people, to a semester worth of Luna Bars. If you wanted to have more chances to win the raffle all you had to do was Tweet or Instagram anything involving the raffle item you wanted to win, and in return you where handed more red tickets. 

Also in that room was a Her Campus backdrop that you could take pictures in front of. This was beyond cool to me, it felt like you where on a mini red carpet (minus the actual carpet and celebs). 

Outfit details:
Blazer: Charlotte Russe (here)
Heels: A'gaci (here)

After exploring for a while, myself (and my four inch heels again) walked our way up to the third floor of the Columbia Faculty House, where there was a buffet of any yogurt and pastry you could possibly imagine. Along with fancy sparkling waters and juice. I grabbed myself some breakfast and sat down for the first Keynote Speaker to start. The morning Keynote was the extremely inspiring, sarcastic and witty Carley Roney...the founder of XO Group. 

I found her speech to be interesting, entertaining and filled with valuable information. I loved her words of encouragement as they came from a place of hardship. She spoke of the crazy winding road that lead her to success in both her personal and professional life...although it was extremely hard along the way. Which is basically what any job in the media field is right? 

After a great way to kick of the conference we moved on to the individual panels. These were scattered on all floors of the building...and if you had your heart set on a particular best get your butt there fast. Immediately following the closing notes of the keynote speech was a stampede of high heels and gigantic goodie bags to the different panels. 

Luckily I am pretty quick and agile (not to mention I had prime seating next to the door for a quick exit) and snagged a great seat in the first panel I wanted to sit in on. "Does the Devil Really Wear Prada?", which was held by four editorial assistants (from Us Weekly, The Huffington Post, and Lucky Magazine) speaking of their experiences. I was very interested in this panel, being a recent graduate, an editorial assistant would be a perfect job for me at the moment. All the speakers were around my age and really inspired me and my potential career path.

Following this panel, the next one I was interested in was luckily in the same room. This one was called "Climbing the Ladder: Journalism Jobs Later On". This was filled with speakers that have been in the business for a while which was also really inspiring. This panel consisted of women from, Lucky Magazine, NY Daily News and OK Magazine. 

After the second panel it was time for lunch, so now it was a stampede of women to the buffet line of CHIPOTLE!!! Literally, all you can eat--guac isn't extra--Chipotle buffet line.

The conference continued on for the rest of the day and Sunday as well.

I met a lot of new people, made some great connections and took away valuable information and tips that I am so excited about. I am beyond excited that I was able to be apart of this year's Her Campus #HerConference and would recommend anyone that is passionate about blogging, writing or media to go if ever given the opportunity. 

A huge thanks to Her Campus for putting this all together and to all of the great sponsors and speakers that made it all possible. 



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