Urban Decay Naked Flushed Palette Review

The Urban Decay Naked Flushed palette has been out for a while now. However recently they just launched new shade options (before there was only one option). Once I discovered that this is what Kim K's makeup artist used for her big day—I had to have it. I caved and finally picked one up in the shade Streak, and I have been putting it to the test the past few weeks.

Let me just put it right out there and say that I believe this little palette is well worth the $30 price tag. For one, you are getting a amazingly compact palette with a huge mirror—plus three awesome products inside.

Inside you are getting a bronzer, highlight and a blush which is everything you would need for a full face application. All of the products are very well pigmented but are very buildable—meaning that you're not going to look like a clown because of how pigmented and crazy they are at first swipe. If you decide you need more color, build it up and work with it. They are all extremely fine milled powders so they look airbrushed and flawless when applied. So easy to blend and make look like you are just naturally glowing from the inside. 

The bronzer in this palette is not completely matte. It does have a bit of a sheen to it, but by no means does it have large chunks of gold glitter...so when you apply it and blend it out it just adds to the glowing effect rather than look like you have gold sparkles everywhere. However, if you are looking for a deep-dark bronzer this might let you down. It is more of a golden-light brown shade that I love because it looks very natural. 

The blush is a medium peach toned blush with very small fine milled gold shimmer in it. It also blends out beautifully and the shimmer is almost unnoticeable once on the skin. This shade would work for so many different skin-tones which I also love about it. 

The highlight has got to be my favorite product in the whole palette. It is an amazing golden undertone highlight that looks absolutely radiant on the cheekbones. I would buy this whole palette again just for that (if I ever run out!?). 

All three of these products are all very long-wearing. Nowhere on the package does it claim to last 24 hours or anything like that, but I find they all have great staying power. I work 8 hour days and find that my bronzer, blush and highlight still look as they did when I left for work bright and early. It could use a few touch ups by the end of the night but for the most part they are great. 

One of my favorite things about this palette is the packaging. I love how sleek and travel friendly it is—yet still you have three separate products that you get much use out of in there. Also, I love that the packaging is magnetic but still completely shuts. 

One of the things I hated about my Naked Basics palette (which is around the same size) is that it was so dang hard to open! I felt like I would try so hard to get it open and then my finger would slip into the product...and it was just a scene. This is so easy and sleek, so props to Urban Decay for stepping up on their packaging game. 

Bottom line is that I would hands down recommend this to anyone. Whether you try Steak or go for a different shade, this is a must have in anyones collection. 

Would you try this product out!?

xoxo, Nikole 


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