Bodecare Dry Brushing & Castlewood NY Review

When you think of exfoliating the body and creating amazingly smooth skin, does brushing over your skin with a plant bristled brush usually come to mind? Your answer is probably mine was. Last week I was asked to review a few products from the company called Bodecare which creates body and face brushes from plant bristles and eco friendly materials. Bodecare promises to give you smoother, healthier and younger skin after using their brushes.

Castlewood NY is a local business in my home town in upstate New York. The owner was kind enough to send me three Bodecare brushes, an informational Bodecare DVD and some of her handmade organic soaps and spa products.

After trying out these brushes for about a week now...I must say, I am completely impressed by them. For someone who has only exfoliated by using body scubs in the shower, I am blown away by how these brushes work and that they are completely natural! I suffer from dry skin, and after just one dry brushing session my skin looked and felt extremely smooth and soft.

It takes about five minutes to complete the whole body surface, and feels very invigorating. It is meant to be done in the morning for it's awakening and energizing purposes however I only shower at night and it worked just fine for me.

I enjoyed the firm brushes, but it is recommended if you have older skin or very sensitive that you try a softer bristle brush to begin with.

My favorite of the brushes has got to be the face brush. I am most excited about this brush because it exfoliates the face as a cosmetic brush like a Clarisonic would. However, I have tried the Clarisonic and found that after a while it started to actually break me out (I have heard this from other beauty bloggers as well). The Jute Face Brush, is also more than half of the price, and you don't need to replace a brush head every 3-6 months. I would definitely recommend this to ANYONE who is thinking about purchasing the Clarisonic. 

*Check out their website for before and after photos on how this brush helps clear up cystic acne*

A few times a week after using the face brush I would then follow up with a detox clay mask that I also received in my package. This mask is not only extremely affordable ($9.99 per 3.5 oz jar) but they also are completely organic and help to detoxify the skin. It says this is for oily skin but I have dry skin and love this product!

It makes my face feel so fresh (which is amazing because I am an avid makeup wearer) I feel it really helps clear out my pores and make them less noticeable. I will be re-purchasing this—thats if I ever run out! 

I use a few tablespoons of water and also a few drops of my Mario Bedescu Rose Water to mix the mask into the paste!

I also received a few organic bath bombs that are only $1.99 a piece...really?! A bath bomb from Lush will cost you around $8-10. I am not a avid bath taker so I gave these to my mom to try out and she let me know her expert opinions (she is a Lush lover). Mom gave these bath bombs an A+ and here is why...

  • They did not have the added color like Lush bath bombs so the water did not turn a different color...meaning no colorful rings left around the tub when the water drains (she is a clean freak as well). 
  • She loved the natural herbs inside the bombs that would float around during the bath. 
  • Smells amazing.
  • Left her feeling extremely soft and relaxed. 

The last items that I received were two amazing organic almond hand soaps. I received one in the cherry almond and one honey almond. 

Okay, so the bottom line is that I am loving all of these organic products. I love the dry brushing and I really would recommend to anyone with dry skin, or looking for a more natural way to exfoliate, to try this out. Not only does it make your skin smoother but it also helps to remove toxins from the body, help sore muscles and can help remove cellulite. If you are going to try just one brush I would highly recommend the soft face brush.

As for the organic goodies from Castlewood NY, I would recommend these to anyone who is a spa/bath lover and who also loves Lush products. These organic products are made with all natural ingredients and are extremely affordable.

Would anyone like me to make a video demonstrating how to use the dry brushes? Would you ever try out dry brushing?

xoxo, Nikole


  1. this looks so relaxing and good! it will be nice of you if you teach us how to used them properly in a video



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