Review: Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad in Wild

Yesterday, while 'putsing' around waiting to pick up my father I found myself wondering on into my local Rite-Aid (go figure). Anytime that I am waiting for someone (or really just have nothing to do) I pop into any drugstore that might be within a 10 mile radius to kill some time. Anyway, while I was there the first thing that caught my eye was this gorgeous summery Revlon display featuring the always gorgeous Olivia Wilde- frolicking around in a matching floral print crop-top and midi skirt set.

While I was completely drawn in by all the "NEW" signs, gorgeous display, amazing color combos and even the specials going on...I was a little hesitant to pick anything up because I have previously not been the biggest fan of these Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quads. I found with the first couple that I tried the eyeshadows really just did nothing for me. They had zero pigment, were totally flaky and frankly just hard to make work at all.

But, this rich forest green and matte burnt orange were just screaming at me "buy me, you need me, you have nothing like me in your stash". So, being the makeup sucker that I am, this little quad came home with me. This quad is in the shade Wild and is from their new Rio Rush collection.

There was another new option from the Rio Rush collection that was catching my eye as well called Exotic that I decided to turn down (figuring I would give this one a try first with my past experience with these eye-shadows haunting me).
(Revlon Colorstay Eyeshadow Quad in Exotic)

I must say, that I am very impressed with this eyeshadow quad. I am not sure if Revlon changed the formula of these eyeshadows (the ones I tried and disliked were from a year or two ago) but these are very pigmented and for the most part very creamy eyeshadows. I found them very easy to work with, easy to blend out and did not have that much fallout at all. 

Another huge plus for this quad is it contains two amazing matte shadows (the green and orange). Typically with matte shadows from the drug-store they are few and far between and if you do find them they can be dry and flaky. This is not the case here. 

Once I first swatched them, right off the bat the two matte shades and the shimmery taupe color were amazing. Great pigment and very well formulated. However, the white shimmery highlight shade fell a little short for me at first swatch. It just felt a little more chalky then the other shades. But once I used it on my eyes it was a gorgeous highlight under the brow-bone with just enough shimmer. 

1. Apply the shimmery taupe color all over the lid
2. On a fluffy brush work the burnt orange shade into the crease and pull to the outer corner
3. Work the green shade into the outer-V to add dimension 
4. Blend, blend, blend
5. Apply the white highlight under the brow-bone

I was very impressed by the finish look. After trying this quad I will definitely be rushing back to Rite-Aid to pick up that second option from the Rio Rush collection! Great improvement Revlon! 

How do you like this colorful look?
xoxo, Nikole


  1. Pretty look! I heard last summer's limited edition quad, Sea Mist, was so-so. Good to hear this year's quads are better!



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