The Best Shade To Rock The Orange Lip Trend For Spring--Without Looking Crazy

One of the hottest makeup trends this spring is the orange lip. This trend scares many of us though because orange is not a typical lipstick color you would reach for in the morning. Picking the wrong shade for your skin-tone can completely look wrong and clownish-- for any of us that aren't supermodels walking down a runway. But this particular shade of orange is flattering for any skin tone and can help your makeup look very chic.

Stick to a coral-based orange if you are just starting to dabble with the orange lip. Coral-based colors are extremely flattering for all skin-tones especially once they are a little sun-kissed in the warmer months.

If you still aren’t totally comfortable rocking the full-out orange lips go for a sheer product like a lip-butter or a lip-gloss. This is going to give you a sheer wash of the popular orange shade yet not be totally in your face.

If you find yourself committed to the orange lip go for a more full-coverage product, like a lipstick.

Are you going to be rocking the orange lip trend for spring?


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