Polka Dots Outfit Of The Day

Yesterday, I Instagramed this image of my OOTD. It was really easy and simple to throw on and be out the door in the morning. Not to mention everything I was wearing was completely affordable!
Three pieces to a simple yet chic outfit are: sheer blouse+printed leggings+gold accessories.

That was exactly what I was wearing in this outfit of the day, but I also threw on a scarf too! Everything that I was wearing (except for my scarf) was from the super affordable store Charlotte Russe

Unfortunately I looked online and everything I am wearing is no longer available, but I found similar items that would work just as well! Also don't forget that you could mix and match this outfit however you wanted. It doesn't have to be polka dots and burgundy blouse--you could rock floral printed leggings and a cream colored blouse and it would be just as cute! Let your own personality shine in your wardrobe! 

What is your favorite easy OOTD to rock?



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