Z Palette Review/Depotting Instructions

One of my favorite Christmas presents I received this year was a Z-Palette. The Z-Palette is a magnetic, customizable palette that you can choose whatever you please to fill it up with. It is very travel friendly and easy to fill with an array of products from face powders to eyeshadows!

My Z-Palette is the large black palette. It is measured on the website to hold up to 28 MAC shadows, and comes with magnetic stickers to apply to the back of your shadows that you de-pot.

The de-potting process is really not that difficult either. There is many ways that you could do it  (instructions provided with your palette) but my personal favorite is the oven method.
All you need to do is heat your oven to around 250 degrees for around 3-5 minutes. It needs to be a lower temperature because if it is too hot it will start to melt the packaging rather than the glue.
Apply the eyeshadows or face products that you would like to de-pot on top of a cookie sheet lined with wax paper and pop it into the oven for a few minutes. Take the pan out and use a knife, tweezers or any sharp object to pry the pan out of the packaging. 
Once you have the pan out apply one of the magnetic stickers to the back of the product and poof, your finished! 
I enjoy the fact that you can customize it and make it however you want the palette to be rather than the pre made ones. I think the Z-Palette is a really great product and I can’t wait to invest in more. 


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